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Green Gateway Setting - East 2nd Street and Lake Herman Road

Green Gateway Business Community
A 21st Century Possibility
For those with a slow connection - below you will find the City's Public Comments Since June 3, 2008 downloadable in smaller pieces ...

(as of October 1, 2008)

Cover page, letters from Luis Delgado and attachments.. pp. VIII.B.257-264

Green Gateway Group's original study, August 28, 2008.. pp. VIII.B.265-300 (see original on this site)

Green Gateway Group's Addendum, September 2, 2008 .. pp. VIII.B.301-319 (see original on this site)

Correspondence: Miller, Brown and Dannis, Atty for Benicia School District, and attachments, with response from LSA.. pp. VIII.B.320-338

Letters: M. Duvall (9/27), M. Bardet and attachment of Dr. Paul Roberts' and Jenny Bard's presentations (9/29), VIII.B.339-396

Letter: Sue Johnson, M.Bardet and Factsheets on Air Quality & Children's Health, VIII.B.397-401

Green Gateway Group's "About Traffic & Transportation in Benicia", VIII.B.402-427 (see original on this site)

Letters and attachments, M. Bardet .. tailpipe emissions, idling, health effects, September 30, 2008, VIII.B.428-449

Letters: N. Fox .. EIR Addendum has no Economic Analysis, and Air Quality mitigations are available contrary to "Statement of Overriding Considerations", September 30, 2008, VIII.B.450-451

M. Bardet: Facts from the Benicia First Forum (Tager, Roberts, Bard), with Dr. Paul Roberts' presentation and an "At-Risk Map" of Benicia, VIII.B.452-467