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Green Gateway Setting - East 2nd Street and Lake Herman Road

Green Gateway Business Community
A 21st Century Possibility
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A 21st Century Possibility

Cover page, Contents, Disclosure, and Introduction and Summary

Context and Framework under which this development model was prepared p. 5

Benicia General Plan
California Assembly Bill 32
A definition of Sustainability

The Green Gateway Business Community - Basics for a 21st Century plan

Transportation is the key to air quality
Protection of habitat, streams
A profitable development that serves the City of Benicia
Guidelines / Goals / Types of Companies and Businesses
   (including additional material from the Addendum of 9/1/08)
Comparison: Seeno and the Green Gateway Vision
Sample Sustainability Report Card (Checklist)

Maps and Drawings

Google Earth Map (Revised version, from the Addendum of 9/1/08)
Google Earth – Additional 3-D Views (from the Addendum of 9/1/08)
Map of Key Constraints

Clean Technology – Green Innovation for 21st Century Challenges

Green Gateway
Green Innovation Zone
The Case for Clean Technology
Components of the Green Innovation Zone
Implementation Strategy (from the Addendum of 9/1/08)

Photos of Campus-Style Projects

Advantages for All Parties, A Rough Timeline for Development, and Advocating a Specific Plan


A. About Specific Plans
B. About the possibility of a Citizen Sponsored Referendum and Ballot Initiative
C: Cleantech Opportunities and Issues – by Amalia Lorentz
D: Hopeful Cleantech Hubs Proliferate Around the Bay
E: Reports and Charts on Cleantech Industry
F: Inventory of California’s Green Industry Firms
G: A list of types of green-collar jobs
H: Charts on current and projected growth in cleantech investment

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